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Why Vended Laundry?

Alliance’s expertise in the laundry industry has helped entrepreneurs in America and all over the world. Your passion for business combined with our passion for laundry is a winning combination. It’s the difference between making an investment and making an investment a success.

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Alliance has successfully launched more laundries than any other laundry manufacturer.
Choose the global leader in commercial laundry equipment to provide the knowledge, expertise and ongoing support to help you reach your goals and achieve success.

Owning your own business is a dream shared by people around the world. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of working for yourself; you'll find opportunity that's unmatched in today's economy.

Every day, laundromat owners are making the most of their investment — and seeing the returns first-hand.

  • A consistent high-return investment, laundromats in the U.S. see an average ROI of 20-35%1 — which is much higher than other investment opportunities.
  • Many investors break even in as little as six months2.
  • Laundromats have a history of proven performance and reliability.
  • Laundry is always in demand. Many consumers turn to the convenient, affordable option of a vended laundry during tough economic times.
  • Modern technology has given laundry owners more control over their business, from payment summaries to advanced networking programs.
  • Laundromats are a cash business, which means all your income is upfront.

See how Alliance has helped entrepreneurs all over the world find success in the laundry business.

Case Study: Rocky Hernandez 

Introducing the convenience and efficiency of vended laundry in a market unfamiliar with the concept has led to success for Rocky Hernandez.
Case Study: Coley O’Kief

Twenty years after introducing the vended laundry business to Italy, Coley O’Kief continues to grow his business by expanding the concept into new markets.
Profitability is Going Up Down Under

Speed Queen® is helping laundromat investors across Australia increase their profitability with high-performance, reliable equipment and unmatched support.
Case Study: Al Amiri

Al Amiri began managing his family's restaurant and wanted to supplement his income with a business that generated a high return on investment but required little time and effort. A coin laundry was the perfect opportunity.
Case Study: Laundry Café

Brian Holland and Tyrone Akins discuss why opening a Huebsch laundromat in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. has been a successful investment, and is paying off for both themselves and the business' community.
Case Study: Dee Horton

Deechen Horton opened Our Beautiful Launderette in Beverly Hills, Calif. in June 2012. The store has proven to be an excellent way to increase her business portfolio and generate additional income.

1 How to Start a Coin-Operated Laundry. (2008, January 31). Retrieved June 18, 2013, from 
2 According to the U.S.-based Coin Laundry Association. Results may vary.