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Why Multi-Housing Laundry?

A common area laundry room is a great way to attract and retain residents. It also saves on utilities and may provide an incremental cash stream.

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With the right equipment, it’s easy to turn any laundry room into an amenity. Residents like it because it’s convenient and offers faster service and better clothing care over alternate laundry options. Typical multi-housing locations include apartment buildings, colleges, retirement homes, military housing and more. Key benefits include:

  • Increased savings on installation and utilities versus in-unit equipment.
  • Benefit from fewer installation expenses while creating additional income.
  • Offers a convenient, attractive service for your residents.
  • Requires a smaller area devoted to laundry, often improving building or community aesthetics.

People all over the world have found success with Alliance, teaming up with our network of Laundry Service Providers for their common area laundry rooms. Whether you’re developing a new multi-housing facility or transforming a common area into a laundry room in an existing apartment, Alliance is here to help.

Watch how Alliance has worked with route operators around the world to help provide an amenity with common laundry.

Why Common Laundry Case Study: Ai-Xi-Yi

Jack Wu, manager of Ai-Xi-Yi in Shanghai, China, shows how common laundry has been successful in a new dorm at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade.
The Flexibility Of Route Laundry 

See how route presents an excellent opportunity for Alliance Laundry Systems’ partners to grow their businesses within the multi-housing market segment.
Laundry Reliability Case Study: Mining

With many Australian mines located in remote areas, laundry equipment malfunctions are simply not an option. That’s why distributor F.L. Costello & Co. relies on Speed Queen® equipment and support.